Isiolo County Governor, H.E Dr. Mohamed Abdi Kuti meets with the United States Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Kyle McCarter.
Executive Director of the Kenya Roads Board meets Isiolo Governor H.E Dr. Mohamed A. Kuti
Department For International Development (DFID) Meets H.E Dr. Mohamed Kuti, Governor Isiolo County
Excited Winners of the First Shaba Challenge Held in Isiolo County
International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Isiolo on 16th October 2019.Button Label
Nordic Countries Laud H.E Dr. Mohamed Kuti on Community Health Programme
H.E Dr. Mohamed Kuti addressing the Public on the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction
Nordic Ambassadors Visit Isiolo County on ICPD 25+ Mission
H.E Dr. Mohamed Kuti flagging off the Desert Wheel race held in Isiolo on 12th October 2019.



Improve access to Healthcare by equipping and staffing new and existing Healthcare facilities.Modernize Healthcare facilities to reflect the regularly changing Healthcare care needs of the society. READ MORE


Rehabilitate and upgrade urban infrastructure.Cultivate partnerships with road authorities: KERRA, KURA, KeNHA, Roads Board and donor agencies like World Bank in order to tap into opportunities aimed at enhancing infrastructure development. READ MORE


 Construct and equip slaughter houses and cattle dips.Construct dams and water pans to facilitate irrigation to avoid dependence on rain.


Sink bore holes and construct water pans/dams and piping extensions for the supply of clean, floride free water for domestic and agricultural use.Construct water pans in arid areas.

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The work of building unstoppable momentum towards a highly skilled, innovation driven, resource efficient, connected, and high opportunity society for all begins now. Today I say to you that the challenges we face are real.  They are serious and they are many.  They will not be met easily or in a short span of time.  But they will be met.  Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of making Isiolo great..

Facilitation of an inclusive participatory engagement in development; creation of a vibrant and welcoming environment that allows optimal utilization of available resources.


A secure, just, integrated and prosperous county where all enjoy full potential and high quality of life.

Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of making Isiolo great.

Governor Hon. Dr. Mohammed .A. Kuti












UHC Program:Our engagement with them will revutionerize our primary healthcare and will be a showcase for the rest of the country. With our health indicators terribly bad, the use of technology, incentives for CHVs, employment of Programme managers, health Managers, pharmacist, ICT officers, health supervisors, trainings for these staff, logistical support by way of purchasing brand new landcruiser, motorbikes, tablets and smartphones with healthApp and solar chargers, will surely boost our status.

Pregnant mothers and children shall be registered by phones and monitored using the healthapp which also guide the CHVs to administer basic treatments before referrals. Any mother whose ANC date is due is reminded by the prompt message and similarly any child whose immunization date is due shall also be reminded. Failure to appear means a follow up by CHV as defaulter.

The Isiolo Big Five

Grevy ZebraThe Isiolo Big Five
Somali Ostrich
Reticulated Girafe

Major Projects In Isiolo County

The Isiolo County Abattoir
The Proposed Isiolo UltraModern Market
Murraming of Isiolo County Roads
Governor Launching the Proposed County Headquarter
Isiolo Market Under Construction
A Section of Isiolo Market under Construction
Isiolo Market one of the Flagship Projects, a very Big Success
The Isiolo County Stadium under Construction
Isiolo Stadium Project in Progress




Mini-Grids in Garissa County constructed by the National Government. KOSAP will construct 120 Mini-grids in the 14 Counties. (Picture: Nyaga Ireri MOE)

The Kenya Off-Grid Solar Access Project (KOSAP) is a flagship project of the Ministry of Energy, financed by the World Bank aimed at providing electricity and clean cooking solutions in remote, low density, and traditionally underserved areas of the country. The Project is part of the government’s commitment to providing universal access to electricity in Kenya by 2022, universal access to modern energy services for cooking by 2030 as well as the impetus for growth in achieving Vision 2030. The Project is implemented jointly by the Ministry of Energy, Kenya Power and Lighting (KPLC) as well as Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC).


The Project targets to reach approximately. 277,000 households (1.3 million people),  community facilities: schools; health facilities and administrative offices as well as  380 community boreholes in the 14 Counties of West Pokot, Turkana, Marsabit, Samburu, Isiolo, Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, Tana River, Lamu, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta, and Narok.

and Funding

Six year Project was launched in July 2017 and will complete by June 2023. It is
funded to the tune of $USD 150 Million (approximately KSh 15 Billion) by the
World Bank.

Scope of the Project;

Component 1 Mini-grids for Households and Public Facilities

 As the target counties are not served by the national grid, mini-grids will be constructed to be the main source of energy. A total of 151 mini-grids will be constructed throughout I2 of the 14 Counties. The mini-grids will then be used to provide electricity to community facilities, enterprises, and households. The mini-grids will be constructed in areas that have a population of 100 households and sufficient existing or potential business and institutional loads.

  • Mini-Grid Project Sites in Isiolo County
  • Badana
  • Eras Ha Boru
  • Garfasa
  • Kipsing
  • Bassa
  • Kombolla
  • Oldonyiro
  • Malkadaka
  • Malkaghala
  • Rapsu
  • Leparua

 To achieve this, a private-sector contractor will be procured by KPLC for each service territory to supply, install and maintain stand-alone solar systems in community facilities.

Component 2 on Stand Alone Solar Home Systems

The vast majority of the off-grid population in the 14 counties is dispersed and requires individual system solutions (Solar Home Systems- SHS). Under this component, the Project aims to establish sustainable supply chains for marketing and sales of solar home systems in KOSAP Counties. While the Private Sector Actors have penetrated the solar market in other parts of the country they have not made the same in-roads in the 14 Counties. The Project has established a Results-Based Financing and Debt Facility (RBF) which will provide incentives to solar businesses to extend and expand their reach in the 14 Counties. 

Under this component, the project aims to deliver 250,000 Stand-alone Solar home Systems and 150,000 high tier clean cooking solutions. SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in partnership with SunFunder are the Facilities Manager.

of Support under the RBF and Debt Facilities

There are three Facilities
available for access by private companies:

  1. Results-Based
    Financing (SSP RBF) Facility (KES 1.2 billion) for Solar Service Providers
  2. Debt Facility (KES 3
    billion) for Solar Service Providers
  3. Challenge Fund and
    Results-Based Financing (RBF) Facility (KES 0.5 billion) for Clean Cooking
    Solutions Service Providers (CCS SPs)

For further information on these
Facilities and application process, please visit

Component 3A Stand
Alone Home Systems for Public Facilities

Under this, community facilities developed by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Interior will be supplied with power for optimum performance. 

List of Public Facilities To Be Electrified Under KOSAP in Isiolo County

Ntalaby Primay School   School
Korbesa Mixed Secondary School   School
Korbesa Dispensary   Medical
Matar-Arba Dispensary   Medical
Daaba Dispensary   Medical
Kom Police Post   Security
Aremiet Mixed Secondary   School
Ngaremara Boys Secondary   School
Kula Mawe Secondary School   School
Oldonyiro Girls Secondary School   School
Janju Dispensary   Medical
Biliqo Marara Dispensary   Medical
Lolkuta North Dispensary   Medical
Boji Dispensary   Medical
Muchuro Dispensary   Medical
Barambate Dispensary   Medical

Component 3B Solar Water Pumps for Community

About 380 boreholes associated with community facilities in the 14 Counties will benefit from the installation of solar-powered water pumps. This will increase sustainable access to water supply by equipping new boreholes and retrofitting existing diesel-powered boreholes.  

The Rural Electrification Agency and Renewable Energy (REREC) which is in charge of implementing this aspect of the project will hire a private-sector contractor to supply, install and maintain stand-alone solar systems for the community facilities. This will enhance the sustainability of these facilities as the operational cost associated with diesel-based systems will be avoided.

Component 4A: Capacity Building for

Training under KOSAP is aimed at enhancing the capacity of the targeted County Governments. The County government’s role in the energy sector is defined under the Constitution as “County planning and development, including-electricity and gas reticulation and energy regulation.”Given that the County Governments have been in existence for less than six years, there is a need to enhance their Capacity in order to undertake this function effectively.

 Training for the County Government is focused on Energy Management, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Resource Management, Tariff Rates and Cost Recovery Requirements, Environmental and Social Management, among others.

  • List of Trainees from Isiolo County

Course Trainees
PV  T1&T2