About us.


Isiolo County is located in the Upper Eastern Region of Kenya and is one of the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) in Northern Kenya covering approximately 25,700 square kilometers. Given its huge size, the county borders Meru and Tharaka Nithi Counties to the South West, Marsabit County to the North, Samburu and Laikipia Counties to the West, Garissa County to the South East, Wajir County to the North East and TanaRiver and Kitui Counties to the South. The County has a population of 268,002 and its economic mainstay is pastoralism but blended with crop farming, beekeeping, and recently fish farming.

‌Isiolo town (the main town in the County) is strategically located on the Lamu Port, South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSET) corridor positioning it for development into a resort city by 2030. The town is also home to Kenya's fifth International Airport.

Beautiful Nature and Wildlife

Across the beautiful hills, valleys, acacia trees, and savannah grassland lie Isiolo town with treasure unknown to many. The town borders the artificial lake, Lewa Conservancy, the Samburu game reserve and the Meru national park. In the midst of Isiolo are Buffalo Springs, Sarova Shabba and Bisanadi national game reserves. In most of these reserves, the scenery is beyond your expectation.  

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Awesome Scenery

With an impressive landscape and ranges of hills, Isiolo is outstanding. The sleeping Lion and tortoise hills are among the adorable features. Short and evergreen shrubs surround the hilly areas thus giving eye-catching beauty. There are over twenty-one springs in the reserves with varying characteristics. For instance, once you swim in it, the Buffalo spring is therapeutic as it can treat skin-related infections. 

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Our Vision

A secure, just, integrated and prosperous county where all enjoy full potential and high quality of life.

Core Values

  • Integrity- We uphold high levels of honesty, ethics and confidentiality in all our work.
  • Transparency-  As government we are open in provision of our services and  endeavor to share relevant information through our official communication channels.
  • Accountability -We endeavor to be answerable to the public while executing our mandate. 
  • Excellence -  Officers are encouraged to pursue with vigor exemplary performance  in service  delivery in their respective capacities. 
  • Equity - Officers are expected to remain impartial in the provision of services and opportunities to the public, development partners and other stakeholders.
  • Team work - The County Government of Isiolo promotes the bringing together of individual passions, aspirations and expertise in all its engagements. 
  • Professionalism- The County Government of Isiolo requires its officers to at all times adhere to the standard professional practices and etiquettes in the performance of their functions. 

Our Mission

‌Facilitation of an inclusive participatory engagement in development; creation of a vibrant and welcoming environment that allows optimal utilization of available resources.


We have 6 Subcounties


To better serve the people, Isiolo County is divided into  10  administrative Wards.


Our  population currently stands at 268,002 (2019 Census).

1. ISIOLO TOWN                                                               2. GARBA TULLA

3. MERTI                                                                                     4. KINNA

5. MODO GASHE                                                  6. OLDONYIRO

7. BULESA BILIQO                                                                       8.EL-DERA

       1. ISIOLO

 Population: 108,417

       2. GARBA TULLA 

 Population: 51,622 

       3. MERTI 

 Population: 24,728

Some Strengths of Isiolo County include:

  • Natural resources as Rivers, wildlife, minerals (stone, sand, gemstones), livestock, pasture, water, medicinal plants
  • Tourist Attractions as Shaba National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Bisanadi National Reserve
  • Animal Conservancies: Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy;Buffalo Springs Animal Conservancy,
  • Main Economic Activities include pastoralism and cattle trading, agriculture and Tourism
  • Main sources of income for the local economy
  • Livestock (70%)
  • Small scale businesses (20%)
  • Tourism and Wildlife (10%)
  • 41% living nomadic lifestyle
  • Poverty rate – 72%
  • Urbanization – 45%
  • Adult literacy – 48%

Isiolo town came about after the First World War.

The Somali ex- army officers who participated in the war settled in Isiolo, intermarrying with the local Samburu and Cushitic pastoralists.

Expectations are high about the Isiolo County.  Across the beautiful hills, valleys,acacia trees and the savannah grasslands of Isiolo, winds of change are blowing. Isiolo is a virgin space, a wonderful piece of creation. The Isiolians and Kenyans alike are up-beat on how they are going to fit into the Isiolo County and the Isiolo ecosystem. Isiolo sits at the center of the world that is watching keenly at the unfolding developments taking place there. Isiolo’s strategic position is irresistible and attractive to local and international investors.

The realization and implementation of the Isiolo resort city was initiated  by the former president of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki when he officially launched the construction of the Isiolo international Airport and later the LAPSSET(Lamu Port Southern Sudan Ethiopia Transport) Corridor project. In addition, an abattoir is nearing completion and disease free zones have been identified to feed it with three hundred animals per day. Among the highlights of the Isiolo County is the Isiolo resort city, the Lamu-Isiolo-Juba and Nairobi-Isiolo-Ethiopia superhighways, the Isiolo International Airport, the Isiolo refinery, the Isiolo artificial lake, the Isiolo film industry and Isiolo tourist villages. The Isiolo resort city by design sits between two hills on the Kipsing Gap and is modeled to have a wonderful coexistence with nature with a golf course and tourist villages at its midst. The city will border an artificial lake, Lewa conservancy, the Samburu game reserve and Isiolo old town.The massive artificial lake will be a wonderful sight to behold with fishing and boat racing as the main tourist attractions. The lake waters will irrigate the semi-arid land into green orchards and forests.