Deputy Governor.

H.E Dr. Abdi Issa

Dr.Abdi Issa Professional Background

I believe through your support coupled with our pioneering zeal as a government, we will propel our County’s development to be one of the most successful devolved Governments in our beloved country. As promised in our manifesto, we have already started.

implementing our promised reforms through our County Intergrated Development Plan which is aligned with H. E President Kenyatta Four main National Agendas which include : Enhancing manufacturing, Food security and Nutrition, Universal health coverage and Affordable housing.

Isiolo County Government and I are in full support of H.E President Kenyatta’s war against corruption, as a County we have taken measures to promote good governance, proper management of public affairs at the same time promoting trust and professionalism in all our departments in order to deepen accountability and transparency in our departments and improve the quality of service delivery to our dear citizens.

We understand that a thriving society is highly dependant on the responsiveness of it’s government and
I want to assure you that we are listening, especially through our leadership in this devolved
Government. Soon we will introduce to you a public participation framework that will ease the flow of
information and public involvement in the decision making process that is going to ensure the inclusion
of every Isiolo citizen in all matters of governance, where the people will be able to identify which
problem they are facing and recommend the solution that they think is best for them, enabling us to do
bottom to top involvement in decision making and participation while at the same time investing in
assured projects by public and promoting accountability and transparency for better monitoring and
evaluation of each project.