Governors Delivery Unit.

Establishment of the Governor’s Delivery Unit (GDU)

The Governor’s Delivery Unit (GDU) was created by the Governor of Isiolo County guided by Articles 174 on the objects of devolution and in particular, Article 174(f) read together with Section 117 of the County Governments Act on Standards and norms for public service delivery. GDU was created in full realization of the need to accelerate development through improved service delivery. It is recognized that improvement in service delivery is the key for sustainable development. GDU’s purpose therefore is to drive performance improvements in critical service delivery areas. Specifically, the unit’s mandate is to ensure that the Governor’s development priorities are implemented effectively and efficiently so that they achieve tangible performance improvements and significant results on the ground. GDU is therefore, a high-performance team tasked with identifying priority areas, as well as using data and processes to ensure that the public sector delivery achieves specific outcomes. The unit therefore, consists of dedicated officers focused exclusively on achieving impact, improving outcomes and generating recommendations geared towards formulation of policies and strategies necessary to improve service delivery.

  • ‌To support the Governor in executing his Constitutional responsibilities and in leading and galvanizing the whole of county government and other stakeholders to implement the electoral mandate;
  • ‌ Strengthen institutional mechanisms for outcomes performance management;
  • ‌ To put in place systems for innovative ways to implement programmes and projects with high impacts and low delivery risk to the county
  • ‌To spearhead public sector transformation, performance improvement in critical service delivery areas and to ensure that all energies and efforts are properly aligned to promote a delivery system that holds people responsible hierarchically, with rewards and sanctions as appropriate..

GDU Leadership

1.  Director Information and Public Communication

2. Director Efficiency Monitoring

Delivery Programmes

I. County Transformation Programme (CTP) which is focused on public service transformation through;

Re-engineering of organizational performance management system to promote human  resource planning, deployments, appraisals, rewards and sanctions.

Strengthen systems to provide for effective planning and budgeting and implementation tracking to ensure support to government activities up to the lowest level possible.

To move service delivery to e-platform as a tool for ensuring an effective registry system and record keeping that is responsive to changing needs of government, and

Information generation and sharing to the public and branding of the county.

II. Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) which is focused on implementation of  development projects.

This entails putting in place mechanisms to ensure; effective project design, costing, procurement, contractor management and overall project implementation within the financial year to reduce to less than 10 per cent projects carried forward to another financial year and improved budget absorption rate.

III. Governor’s Priority Areas

  •  Improve market infrastructure to modern standards to promote value addition and commerce.
  •  Strengthen early childhood education through construction, repair and maintenance, deployment of instructors and provision of teaching aid and equipment to improve access and quality of education
  •  Training and skill development for the youth through bursary schemes, scholarships and strengthening of Vocational Training Centre's (VTCs) in terms of human capital and infrastructure.
  •  Compliance with Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) for the affirmative action.
  •  Improved access through construction, tarmacking and maintenance of county road network and bridges.
  •  Improve health facilities to promote healthy society through construction, equipping, supply of commodities and deployment of adequate staff to all health facilities and universal health coverage.
  •  Wealth creation by enhancing cooperative movement, and promoting value addition in agriculture and fisheries.
  •  Guaranteeing a food secure county through increased livestock and crop production.
  •  Environmental protection, provision of clean and safe water and enshrining climate change in development agenda..

Functions of the Unit

To ensure delivery of CTP and ADP, the Unit discharge the following functions: 
Strategic support 
‌     ‌Helping Departments structure their plans of action such that they are aligned with the strategic priorities and contained actionable goals and indicators. This will ensure that resources are aligned to achieve Key Result Areas (KRAs).
‌Interdepartmental Coordination 
‌      Addressing failures in interdepartmental coordination that limit the progress made on commitments, helping to detect their presence and working to mitigate them, and providing backing for the interdepartmental decision-making coordination process. Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability 
‌   Oversee the integrity and focus of the programmatic strategy outlined by the Governor via monitoring of the commitments organized under the priority areas. The Unit will therefore, evolve an effective monitoring and evaluation framework to conduct independent assessment of performance and progress, give recommendations and highlight areas of attention to Governor. 

Citizen Participation 

‌   Timely reporting to citizens and other stakeholders on county progress towards fulfilling the governor’s commitments and obligations.