Reasons to try an adventure in Isiolo

Grevy ZebraThe Isiolo Big Five
Somali Ostrich
Reticulated Girafe

Across the beautiful hills, valleys, acacia trees, and savannah grassland lie Isiolo Town with treasure unknown to many. The town borders the Artificial lake, Lewa Conservancy, The Samburu game reserve and the Meru National Park. In the midst of Isiolo are Buffalo Springs Game Reserve, Sarova Shabba Game lodge, and Shabba National Reserve.

In most of these reserves, the scenery is beyond your expectation. Adorable Ewaso Nyiro River meanders along the reserve thus attracting the Big Five (Grevy Zebra, Oryx, Somali Ostrich, Lion, reticulated giraffe). The Game reserves house the Sarova Lodge, Simba Lodge, Bisanadi lodge and tented camps.

With an impressive landscape and ranges of hills, Isiolo is outstanding. The sleeping Lion and Tortoise hills are among the adorable features. Short and evergreen shrubs surround the hilly areas thus giving eye-catching beauty. There are over twenty-one Springs in the reserves with varying characteristics. For instance, once you swim in it, the Buffalo spring can treat body rashes.

Above all, the Merti Plateau, the Lorian Swamp, and The Gotu falls are also among  Isiolo’s great scenery. The scary Gotu falls with underground springs toward its western side, believed to be the cleanest water for human consumption. The fall is of an iconic attraction to the local tourists and travelers.

Besides, the discovery of mineral resources in Isiolo attracted local interests. The latest being the Sericho meteorites stone that hit the headline of the national newspapers. Both gemstones and Economic minerals are of large deposits in this region. Last year, thousands of miners thronged into Isiolo in search of this commodity. Locals unearth precious gemstones in this area for a lucrative return.


A trip to  Isiolo region is one of its kind. You will establish beautiful memories to cherish for a long time.