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Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

GAME DRIVES Shaba National Reserve has a particular place in the history of Kenyan game conservation, as it was in this reserve that the authoress Joy Adamson died. She was greatly known for her efforts in the rehabilitation of the compliant leopard into a wild environment. Shaba was one of Joy Adamson’s greatest African loves;…


Objective 1. Improve access to Healthcare by equipping and staffing new and existing Healthcare facilities. 2. Eradicate corruption so as to ensure adequate availability of drugs and health personnel in Healthcare institutions. 3. Modernize Healthcare facilities to reflect the regularly changing Healthcare care needs of the society. 4. Promote and anchor Healthcare as an economic…


  Infrastructure 1. Rehabilitate and upgrade Isiolo Town infrastructure. 2. Construct, expand and rehabilitate stormwater drainage. 4. Build motorable standard feeder roads that are well networked to facilitate easy human and cargo transport. 5. Cultivate partnerships with road authorities: KERRA, KURA, KeNHA, Roads Board and donor agencies like World Bank in order to tap into…

Reasons to try an adventure in Isiolo

  Across the beautiful hills, valleys, acacia trees, and savannah grassland lie Isiolo Town with treasure unknown to many. The town borders the Artificial lake, Lewa Conservancy, The Samburu game reserve and the Meru National Park. In the midst of Isiolo are Buffalo Springs Game Reserve, Sarova Shabba Game lodge, and Shabba National Reserve. In…

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