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Our key objective in the finance ministry is streamlining revenue collections, ensure accountability and transparency in the spending of money for the right projects.

Staffing has been a key challenge and a human resource audit was carried out and the report is ready. We are now in the process of commissioning head count to establish the County’s genuine staffing levels.

We must do the head count because currently we are relying on manual system, which is not watertight. In the near future, we intend to incorporate automation in revenue collection through e-ticketing to seal the loopholes that have cost the government revenue loss.

We are also exploring alternative areas to tap new revenues, such as livestock, sand harvesting and land rate.

In agriculture, we intend to capitalise on the newly constructed abattoir. Since our economy is driven by livestock production, the facility will allow for primary and secondary processing of beef. This will be a key source for revenue.

Sand harvesting, which has been an essential revenue source will now be done in a more environmentally friendly way and we plan to ensure the resource benefits the communities and the levies collected go to building access roads for place where the resource is being harvested.

Land is a key source of revenue, but since our governor issued an order stopping all land transactions, we welcome the move because this will allow the county sort out the issue, which is very sensitive to communities in Isiolo.

I must say that the County will get Sh2.4 billion from the national government in devolved funds and this falls far below our expectations.

The allocation was based on population, but the projects we need to undertake under the devolved system are massive. For example, the County is expects to pay up to Sh456 million in salaries and has a recurrent expenditure of Sh1.5 million. Right now, we are working to manage the expectation of the residents because Isiolo residents have very high hopes on the devolved system of government.




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