Peace, Cohesion & Conflict Resolution


The department is initially known as cohesion, intergovernmental relations and Disaster management were established in 2013 following the inception of the devolved system of government. It has since been renamed as a department of peace, cohesion and conflict resolution to enable it to concentrate on its core mandate of promoting social cohesion, peace building and conflict resolution.


A county free from violence in which citizens actively participate and lead in the peaceful transformation of conflicts and work towards cultivating a culture of peace.


Empower elders, youths, women and leaders as actors in sustainable peace and conflict transformation through capacity building, advocacy and providing support spaces for cultivating a culture of peace.


The mandate of the subsector is as follows:

  • Manage the coordination and delivery of community cohesion strategy and action plan within the county
  • Support and complement  initiatives coming from national government and other stakeholders
  • Monitor activities within the county that impact on the community cohesion
  • Establish effective working partnerships with statutory external agencies, voluntary community and focus groups to develop a coordinated approach to monitoring, measuring and evaluating community cohesion activity in the county.
  • Investigate, identify and monitor potential or actual causes of community tension in consultation with local residents and community groups and formulate intervention strategies.
  • Submit reports on status of social cohesion to relevant stakeholders
  • Undertake relevant research activities with community cohesion implications and disseminate findings.
  • Promote understanding of peace for behavioral change
  • Spearhead and coordinate initiatives geared towards Countering Violent Extremism


As a result of collaboration between the county government via the department of peace and cohesion and national government administration, the Isiolo county peace and security pillar has improved compared previous years when county scored poorly on this particular pillar. This is according to brand Kenya 2017/2018 County branding index.

                                                                        FUTURE PLANS

  • The department plans to establish county conflict early warning and response system. This will go a long way in conflict prevention and response within the county.
  • The department in collaboration with the County assembly also plans to draft Isiolo County Cohesion and integration act in an effort to mainstream cohesion in all aspects of governance within the county.
  • Facilitate intra and inter-ethnic peace building and reconciliation dialogues
  • Support local art and talent that promotes cohesion and integration
  • Build the capacity of teachers and education stakeholders on the establishment of peace Clubs and monitor their implementation
  • Conduct inter-ethnic exchange visits to promote peaceful coexistence, cohesion and integration within the county.


  • Support and participate in community and institutional cultural events and festivals
  • Design, develop and disseminate publicity materials to promote cohesion and integration (T- shirts, Caps, Pens, Calendars, umbrellas, Diaries, Billboards e.t.c