Economic Planning and Budgeting



To be a center of excellence in planning and budgeting for a nationally competitive and prosperous county with a high quality of life for all residents.


To provide effective leadership and coordination in planning, policy formulation and tracking results for a nationally competitive and prosperous county.

Core Values

  • Professional Integrity
  • Passion for Results
  • Participatory Approach
  • Commitment to Team Work
  • Innovation and Visionary
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Ethical Standards

Strategic Objectives

  • Review, model and forecast trends in costs of County resources through Annual Budgets and Medium Term expenditure Framework.
  • Preparation of the development plans in accordance with the format prescribed by regulations.
  • Provide overall policy and strategic direction for the socio-economic transformation of the County.
  • Management of the County Economic Development and Planning Information.
  • Document sector reports, compile and prepare consolidated County Sector reports.
  • Tracking implementation of development plans, strategies and Programmes through preparation of Statistical progress reports.
  • Evaluation of Programmes and policies.
  • Developing and updating County M&E indicators.


This is what the department achieved from the FY 2017/18 to date;

  • Development of County plans: CIDP 2018-2022, ADP 2018/19, ADP 2019/20, CBROP 2018, CFSP 2018
  • Development of County budget for FY 2017/18 and FY 2018/19
  • Establishment of Sector Working Groups
  • Establishment of County M&E unit and M&E committee
  • Development of CIDP II indicator Handbook
  • Development of Annual M&E report for FY 2017/18


Future Plans

  • Development of County plans: ADP 20/21, CBROP 2019, CFSP 2019
  • Development of County budget for FY 2019/20
  • Establish policy framework on M&E
  • Updating of County Facts sheet
  • Rolling out of County E-CIMES
  • Development of CFSP, 2019
  • Establishment of Socio-Economic Database
  • Publicizing of M&E reports for all the quarters in FY 2018/19
  • Conduct baseline surveys to support the M&E
  • Undertaking mid-term CIDP review
  • Establish modern county information resource and data center