The County Secretary

Dr. Ahmed Galgalo

Isiolo county values and celebrates its diversity. It is this diversity that unites and makes us stronger. As a county, we are proud of our varied cultural, religious and ethnic back grounds. Indeed, these are some of the underlying factors that brands our County unique and great.

Isiolo is set to become a major part of Kenya’s economic development blueprint under vision 2030. As a result of the on-going and impending LAPSSET development projects, there will be major infrastructure development in urban and pre-urban areas of our County. The LAPSSET project will also enhance other key sectors in our county such as; Agriculture, tourism and construction industry among others. The County Government will play a critical role in creating a secure and investor-friendly environment.

We envision to have a responsive, well managed and accountable public service, delivering first class human resource services

It will be difficult for us to attain significant economic growth without a vibrant, skilled and motivated public service. The County Government under the leadership of his excellency Governor Mohamed Kuti is committed to providing exemplary public services to our people. To make sure that this is realized, we have started implementing a number of short/long term strategies ranging from; enhancing performance management systems, performance contracting, capacity enhancement, strengthening of our administrative units and restructuring of the human resource department including human resource succession management systems. We believe that performance contracting will inculcate discipline in the Public Institution Management by ensuring loyalty to the Governor’s Manifesto, county integrated development plan, annual development plans, program level Strategic Plans, Sector Plans and the Vision 2030.

M.Sc In Human Resource Management and Dr. Phil. Human Resource Management, JKUAT.