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Isiolo County covers an area of 25,336.7 square kilometres, on the upper Eastern region of Kenya. Isiolo Town is the capital town of the county. The county is mainly semi arid. Due to its size; Isiolo County borders seven other counties. These are Marsabit County to the north and north-west, Wajir County to the east and north-east, Garissa County to the south-east, Tana River County to the south, Meru County to the south-west, Laikipia to the west and Samburu County to the north-west.
Isiolo Town is located on the main Nanyuki-Isiolo Highway, making the county easily.

accessible by road. Kenya’s fifth international airport at Isiolo is close to completion. Isiolo Town lies at the middle of the Lamu Port, Southern Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSET) corridor project which will see the town develop into a resort city by the year 2030.

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4.MERTI                         8.KINNA

Tourist Attractions In IsioloCounty- Shaba National Reserve
Tourist Attractions In IsioloCounty- Shaba National Reserve

Population: 108,417


Population: 51,622

  1. MERTI

Population: 24,728

Some Strengths of Isiolo County include:

  • Natural resources as Rivers, wildlife, minerals (stone, sand, gemstones), livestock, pasture, water, medicinal plants
  • Tourist Attractions as Shaba National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Bisanadi National Reserve
  • Animal Conservancies: Lewa Downs Wildlife Conservancy;Buffalo Springs Animal Conservancy,
  • Main Economic Activities include pastoralism and cattle trading, agriculture and Tourism
  • Main sources of income for the local economy
  • Livestock (70%)
  • Small scale businesses (20%)
  • Tourism and Wildlife (10%)
  • 41% living nomadic lifestyle
  • Poverty rate – 72%
  • Urbanization – 45%
  • Adult literacy – 48%

Isiolo town came about after the First World War.

The Somali ex- army officers who participated in the war settled in Isiolo, intermarrying with the local Samburu and Cushitic pastoralists.

Expectations are high about the Isiolo County.  Across the beautiful hills, valleys,acacia trees and the savannah grasslands of Isiolo, winds of change are blowing. Isiolo is a virgin space, a wonderful piece of creation. The Isiolians and Kenyans alike are up-beat on how they are going to fit into the Isiolo County and the Isiolo ecosystem. Isiolo sits at the center of the world that is watching keenly at the unfolding developments taking place there. Isiolo’s strategic position is irresistible and attractive to local and international investors.

The realization and implementation of the Isiolo resort city was initiated  by the former president of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki when he officially launched the construction of the Isiolo international Airport and later the LAPSSET(Lamu Port Southern Sudan Ethiopia Transport) Corridor project. In addition, an abattoir is nearing completion and disease free zones have been identified to feed it with three hundred animals per day. Among the highlights of the Isiolo County is the Isiolo resort city, the Lamu-Isiolo-Juba and Nairobi-Isiolo-Ethiopia superhighways, the Isiolo International Airport, the Isiolo refinery, the Isiolo artificial lake, the Isiolo film industry and Isiolo tourist villages. The Isiolo resort city by design sits between two hills on the Kipsing Gap and is modeled to have a wonderful coexistence with nature with a golf course and tourist villages at its midst. The city will border an artificial lake, Lewa conservancy, the Samburu game reserve and Isiolo old town.The massive artificial lake will be a wonderful sight to behold with fishing and boat racing as the main tourist attractions. The lake waters will irrigate the semi-arid land into green orchards and forests.

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