My ministry is ready to revamp tourism in Isiolo, we will work together with residents to boost the industry by encouraging investment in conservancies. We will also give a boost to security to tackle poaching, which has become a menace.

We are in the initial stages of mapping out our natural resources. Sand being one of the targeted resources, we intend to come up with a policy to regulate the sub-sector and already the governor has lifted a ban on its harvesting.

We are now going to improve management in sand harvesting, protect the environment, and conserve it as well as pay the communities who own the resource.

Initially, the haphazard manner in which sand is harvesting led to environmental degradation.

The County government is also looking at ways of diversifying our tourism outlook including our cultural artifacts to enable the county residence to showcase its culture, traditional foods and community dances.

We are organising a cultural festival that will encompass the diversity of the county and give communities a platform to exhibit their traditional practices.

In this regard, we are honoured to host the World Tourism Day on September 27, and we have been working in conjunction with the national government to ensure this special day offers the county an opportunity to market itself to the rest of the country and the world at large.

Chief Officers

Ali Wario Sarite

Name Ali Wario Sarite


Chief officer Agrigulture

Yussuf Mohamed

Name Yussuf Mohamed


Chief Officer Water and Irrigation


More on Water and Irrigation, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources will be available soon...


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