Isiolo county is trust land and has been governed under The Trust Land Act.

Problems faced in the land sector that is linked to the previous government led to suspension of all land transactions by the governor.

The defunct County Council of Isiolo decided to compensate the people who occupied the land identified for the International airport, but this noble intention was abused.

There were 200 genuine families who were to be compensated, however, 3,000 families came up and occupied the area so as to get compensation. These speculators ended up also being compensated by the county council.

The proposed developments meant to upgrade Isiolo to a resort City and expected upgrade of the infrastructure network has increased demand for land.

In light of these development people are scrambling for land and we had to halt all transactions so that we could restore order to the County.

We have to avert conflict between pastoral and farming communities who have competing interests. We also have outstanding border disputes with Meru County, which were brought about by the 1992 Districts and Provinces Act No. 5. Given the new beginning that the County is warming up to, we need to be ready for it as we open up to new investments and this require us to protect our people and their land.

As a County government we will tread carefully and register all land under one title owned by the communities and we can lease the land to investors instead of selling it off to the highest bidder.

Chief Officer

Patrick Lenawasie

Name Patrick Lenawasie


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