While the secondary and primary schools are not under the devolved functions, we remain a major stakeholder. Through the County education board, we will make our contributions to what we believe is key for the education sector. We have an education stakeholders meeting coming up and top on the agenda will be the future of Garbatullah High School. Our recommendation as a County is that the school be turned into a university.

Under culture, we intend to have competition between August 18th and 25 that will involve cultural dances, draft and darts competitions for our youth to participate in. We want to preserve and promote our cultures. This is because Isiolo being a cosmopolitan county, cross cultural influences can be an issue.

For education, the county allocated Sh20 million for development projects, Sh30 million bursaries and Sh114 million for recurrent expenditure.

We have 142 public early childhood centres in Isiolo, and 29 private centres, there are 115 primary schools, and 15 secondary schools and only one polytechnic.

We only have one library for the entire County and I have made it my mission to change this situation.

The facility has no electricity, children and adults are congested in the building and before the end of this year we will connect power to the library.

The county will put up library branches in Garbatulla and Merti next year.

Chief Officers

Wario Boru Tore

Name Wario Boru Tore


Chief officer Lands, Physical Planning and Urban Development

Amina Godana Diba

Name Amina Godana Diba


Chief officer Roads, Housing and Public Works


More on Lands, Physical Planning, Roads, Infrastructure, Public Works and Housing will be available soon


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