Livestock is the backbone of the Isiolo's economy with 80 per cent of the population dependent on it for their day-to-day livelihood, both directly and indirectly.

We have 15 livestock markets in the County and out of these, only five are considered major. It is in our programme to upgrade the remaining 10 through fencing, control gates and security and effective revenue collection. On August 14, we held a livestock traders forum to address issues of concern.

The county has lost most of its livestock to insecurity but as a government we have assured them that we are putting in place measures to tackle cattle rustling.

We are counting on the completion of the abattoir so that we can open up cottage industries supporting the livestock sector, notably tanneries and animal feeds.

The abattoir linked to the Lapset projects would open new market frontiers to allow exportation of meat products across the region. We need to strategically prepare ourselves for this new opportunity considering the fact that international forecasts indicate that by 2020, the price of red meat will triple and if we begin to produce quality produce now, we will benefit from the attractive global market prices.

The region will create buffer zones to control diseases at the intercounty level. Laikipia County ranchers have been able to create such buffer zones and it has improved the quality of beef they produce.

As for agriculture, the soils are rich for horticulture crop and the climate is conducive and can support farming activities. Harvesting of storm water is key to ensuring we nurture horticulture in the County. At the ward level, we are setting up water harvesting facilities.

We will also revive old industries such as cotton, which was a top earner for the area in the 1970 and 80's. We are blessed with black cotton soils and we know that the crop can thrive in the region. We are also endowed with vast amounts of mudfish, thanks to the Ewaso Nyiro River. During floods, the fish are in plenty but are mostly left to die.

Communities in the county don't eat fish but we want to educate them to sell the fish and change their perception about the resource.

We want to increase the fishponds to at least 100 in the County to supplement the river fish.

Aqua Park at the resort city will also be developed and it will be a lake within the resort. We are seeking investors to make the aqua park a world class facility.

Chief Officers

Ali Dima Duba

Name Ali Dima Duba


Chief officer Livestock & Fisheries

Ali Wario Sarite

Name Ali Wario Sarite


Chief officer Agrigulture


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