As the county government we are now laying the framework for the establishment of basic county structures. We are not doing this in a vacuum We are guided by the constitution and the act of parliament. We are also preparing a county integrated development plan which will be released on September 30.

The plan will capture the sector planning on water, agriculture / infrastructure, health, environment, land and the spatial development framework. We would like to make our planning with the government's 2030 flagship projects in mind so that we are adequately prepared for the impact of these projects in the county.

The projects will transform Isiolo into an economic hub and our geographical location gives us an advantage to ensure development in the region. A mega dam on Ewaso Ng'iro River in Isiolo County by the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation is underway to serve Isiolo county with clean water.

The twin dams are to cost Sh10 billion and will be set up at Crocodile Jaws and Ngerendare and its principally meant to provide water to the proposed Isiolo resort city, to be set up at Kipsing Gap. The dams will allow us to tap into the large quantities of water that cause floods during storms in the area. We would like to exploit natural resources such as wildlife, minerals, solar and wind energy. In terms of minerals, the commission for revenue allocation has identified we have deposits graphite, sapphire, feldspar, muscovite, kaoline, beryl, copper, corundum, garnet, bismuth, silica, iron ore, pyrite.

We have wind and solar energy in abundance which we can tap into to power the county as well as oil and gas deposits that we are yet to exploit. We have the Ewaso Nyiro and we have sand which is crucial for Construction in main urban centres in Meru, that heavily rely on the resource from rivers in Isiolo District.

We have an abundant resource in wildlife and coexistence of wildlife and human beings is key as we support our game reserves and wildlife conservancies .

The county government are developing a policy framework on ways to reduce human wildlife conflict to be legislated through the county assembly.

The key source of revenue is the game parks and reserves as wqe have the best variety of wildlife. We intend to tackle insecurity which has caused low tourists numbers to our parks.

We are intending to embark on a massive marketing exercise that could also include Closed Circuit Cameras CCCTV in the parks that provide live feeds for potential tourists to catch a glimpse of what we have to offer online.

We have the capacity to attract up to a million visitors per year, and generate a billion shillings annually if proper systems are put in place. A key component of Isiolo County plays a strategic position for non-governmental agencies in the county.

We are in the process of putting together an NGO coordination department to find a way to integrate non governmental funding in the county.

The department will monitor and coordinate their funding and make it useful to people of Isiolo and avoid dependency on their resources.

Inter-ethnic harmony is key and top on my agenda. Isiolo has a diverse cosmopolitan community and I am working to ensuring that all communities in Isiolo get a feeling of Inclusivity in the county government and development.

Mohammed Guleid-Isiolo County Deputy Governor

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