Isiolo County is the heart of Kenya, a crucial and strategic gateway between Northern and Southern Kenya.

The county government of Isiolo may be only five months old but my team is already down to business in a bid to deliver quality services to the residents.

With the County Executive Committee members already in office, work has started in earnest and we appreciate the cooperation we are getting from the county assembly.

The public service board is also in place and the government is in the process of rationalising the staff they inherited from the defunct county councils.

We are conducting head counts of former the county council employees to weed out ghost workers, if any, and streamline public service within the county.

We are also in the process of dealing issues affecting Isiolo residents and also working on development projects, which will uplift their living standards.


On Madaraka Day, I ordered a suspension on all transactions involving land In a bid to resolve any conflict and take stock of the current land situation in the county.

I recognise that land is a major asset for the county and the economy of the county is based on Agro- pastoralism hence the need to overhaul the current haphazard manner in which land is being allocated to investors and locals alike.


In order for us to enjoy the benefits of these projects we must shake off the perception that we are a county plagued by insecurity.

Isiolo County has in the past been projected as an insecure area because of some clashes that took place in the rural areas perpetuated by some cattle rustling neighbours.Over a period of time, armed conflict has been scaled down tremendously. As a matter of fact our residents are the victims of attacks perpetuated by our neighbours who still habours the culture of Moraanism.

I would like to assure the residents of Isiolo that efforts are underway for governors in this region to come together and root out community conflict that involves cattle rustling. We are working to criminalise the practice, legislate and ensure stiffer penalties for cattle rustling and avoid cloaking the menace as a cultural necessity.


Isiolo is a key tourism destination and my government is working closely with existing conservancies namely Shaba Game reserves, Buffalo Springs, and Lewa Downs to protect wildlife in the county.

I intend to empower community conservancies with resources and will focus on eradicating poaching and the businesses that thrive on the trade. My administration is working in conjunction with the national government to identify and nab suspected poachers.

All poachers, middlemen and brokers who conduct their business within the Isiolo should know their days are numbered as my government is embracing a zero tolerance policy on poaching. My government is in the process of sealing loopholes that in tourism revenue collection.

In the financial year 2010/2011 the defunct Isiolo County Council realised Ksh200 million, which was about 50 per cent of the revenue the local authority managed to collect. To ensure efficiency and seal any loopholes, I have appointed a task force to review the revenue collection systems by making them tight so that the county can avoid losing revenue through counterfeit receipts and other forms of mischief. The taskforce

The taskforce is seeking to evaluate he use of E-ticketing for tourism collection and also look at the personnel in the tourism sector. I also promise to create an enforcement team to monitor the revenue collections and protect the collection centres.


About 80 per cent of the population in Isiolo County relies on livestock for their livelihood.

One of our crown jewels as a County is the multi-million shilling Abattoir that is nearing completion.

The abattoir was built with funding from the African development bank (AfDb) to the tune of approximately Sh350 Million.

We currently require an additional Sh50 million to complete the project, which we hope to be complete by December.

Upon its completion, about 100 goats and sheep, 200 cows and 100 camels will be slaughtered at the facility per day.


I have a special place in my agenda for the youth in Isiolo County. My government intends to involve them in the development projects taking place in the county through sports, employment opportunities and education.

I jog every morning with the youth of Isiolo town and I encourage them to keep up the exercise to improve their welfare and health. We sponsored sports tournaments such as the Idd ul Fitr games in which we gave the winners prices.

The future of Isiolo County is bright and the key lies in cooperation with the community, the leaders and the county assembly We will be successful when we work together.

Hon. Godana Doyo - Isiolo County Governor

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